Weistek Gained the 2014 World's Top 10 3D Printer Award of Computer Bild

Wed Aug 15 12:00:49 CST 2018

With more than 1440 hours continuous printing test and the outstanding stability and excellent printing quality, Weistek high speed 3D printer gained the 2014 World's Top 10 3D Printer Award, which issued by Computer Bild , the accredited testing organization in Germany & Europe. 

Weistek high speed 3D printer relies on Weistek’s independent intellectual property and the four key technologies, including 3D high speed chip technology, core algorithm of 3D software, high speed 3D printing filament technology and high speed 3D printer technology.

The printing speed of Weistek high speed 3D printer can reach up to 450 mm/s, which is 3-5 times faster and can easily print out a spiral-pattern bracelet within 8 minutes. It can also help teacher to complete the whole class assignments within 45 minutes teaching time. Each student can create their dream products, share the process and the ideas of their works, and express their love to parents and friends.

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